May 17, 2017by jillgropper0

My experience with the work I have been doing over the last few years has been one of #sisterhood
Being a Personal Trainer for over 15 years I have been blessed to help women stay strong and well nourished. As I began to integrate Mindfulness and Meditation into their sessions, I began to see the energy and the light that each client had with in their source energy… It was the balance at the end of a powerful workout that sealed in the whole being… I am excited as I continue to guide clients back home to their hearts, while maintaining their Inner Strength, using all the tools and techniques I have learned and applied into my own life over the last few years. I will continue to teach from a very special place in my soul that serves my clients and guides them to live their most authentic life from the inside out!
Schedule a 15 min. Complimentary Consultation and let’s talk… I can listen to you without judgement.
Step into your own power through #mindfulness #movement and #meditationGive yourself the gift of being YOU this #Spring and begin to blossom and breathe just a little deeper


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