After many years of working as a Certified Personal Trainer, Jill sought something more fulfilling than discussions of diet and exercise. Though physical fitness and health were still very important to her, she found true peace outside the confines of the gym and within her own heart and mind. She began to educate herself in the area of Meditation and Mindfulness.
After integrating a few of these new practices into her own workouts, that is when everything began to shift. Taking the quiet time after a workout to breath and be still gave her the opportunity to tune IN. Her personal transformation began there and her professional transformation was to follow there after.

Jill began training with experts, attending workshops and expanding her knowledge in the areas that brought her joy and fulfillment. Her inner GPS was her guide. She began to create more trust in herself and knew she was exactly where she was supposed to be during a huge transition in her own personal life, as both of her grown children were ready to leave for college, one at a time. It was during this time that her own transformational story began.
Just as you use your own body weight for strength training, Jill believes in using your own source energy to develop inner strength. Be present, and use what you have to live a more empowering life. Breathe deeply, and trust in a power that is greater than your mind. Begin to expand your awareness.
As she puts it, “I live from the inside out now. I am no longer guided by external forces.