June 27, 2017

The next chapter in my life… All I have to do is be my most authentic self and allow my inner light to shine. My purpose found me. I am blessed and grateful to be a source of comfort, light and a space holder for my clients as a LifeStyle Coach. Each coaching session is carefully guided by me. My client and I co-create together when we begin to allow the collective consciousness to do the work for us. My client begins their own journey into their divine heart, as I hold the space for them. I had to do my own personal work first in order to work from a place of integrity and honesty. I have been trained over the years to hold the space in a very healthy way for myself and my clients. I have been a certified Personal Trainer for over 15 years and the evolution of both my personal and professional transformation happened after a transition in my personal life a few years ago.

My transformational story began when my daughter left for college and soon after my son was on his way too. I loved the work I was doing as a Personal Trainer and was blessed and grateful to have a full schedule of clients to train, but I was missing something. Even though my clients were thrilled with the workout, all I wanted to do was have them lay down for 5 minutes after the workout, like we do in yoga class and rest, (aka MEDITATION) before they left. That was my wish so that they could seal in the incredible physical workout, the amazing endorphin rush and receive the 3PM bonus of feeling enlightened, instead of drained… Not all my clients felt drained, but I did! Many of my clients spoke wth me about that draining late afternoon feeling. It was super awesome that my clients and I always had a great connection. I retained clients for years, I am still coaching many of them as they have evolved in their own lives. We were friends, they could trust me and I could trust them! We would discuss what our afternoons felt like. It was the mama drain after the kids came home from school and our own hunger would start to become the HANGRY! (FOOD, now that’s a whole other topic I will be writing about.)

For me, the truth be told back in those days, it was very important as a Personal Trainer to stay on the program myself, watch my food, strength train, cardio, abs and maybe 1 day of yoga to stretch… Those days are long gone for me, for many beautiful reasons that I will continue to share with you here.  I am wide awake, aware and enlightened NOW! It was a super awesome ride for many years, it served me well both personally and professionally and I am so very grateful for it all!

Today I teach and Coach from a very well trained, loving and enlightened Mind and Body Balance! I am thrilled to continue to share with you all of my personal stories here on my brand new BLOG! My hope is for you to live in the balance and Be The Light, because the world needs more of our collective energetic light than ever!