Gabrielle Bernstein is a Spiritual rockstar and one of the most genuine people I know!!!

She has given me an opportunity to step into my divine power and create my Brand New website I have my own transformational story and I thank Gabby for her heart and soul in supporting me throughout these last few years so that I could gain the confidence to do what I love and be of service in the highest good! As a Certified Personal Trainer running my own business for over a decade, I was drawn to Gabby after seeing her on Oprah! The rest is a true love story and a sisterhood that I was able to connect with at Gabbys very first Spiritjunkie Masterclass back in 2014. If you are ready to step into your higher power and let your GPS lead the way, I will help support your journey and I can tell you that personally and professionally you will grow and expand! I am about to introduce you to one of the best rides of your life! You will learn, grow, live and love with more clarity and awareness than ever before.

Jill’s Bonuses

I have some awesome bonus gifts for you when you sign up for Gabby’s Spiritjunkie Masterclass Digital Course right here, click the button below and enroll through this page, you will get each of the following bonuses from me, plus all the bonuses that Gabby offers!!!

Bonus #1 Two private coaching calls to begin the course

Bonus #2 Two group coaching calls with Q&A

Bonus #3 May Cause Miracles Webinar

Bonus #4 Three recorded guided meditations

About the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital was created for women who want to transform their lives and pursue their dream of building a business that creates an impact.

There are 8 life changing modules, each building on the lessons before it. Every lesson contains videos, audios and typed transcripts so you can watch, listen to or read the lessons as you prefer.

And that’s not all! This program is offered completely online so you can watch, listen to or read your lessons anytime – even on the go!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in each module:

Module 1: How To Step Into Your Purpose

  • You’ll begin by hearing Gabby’s story about her background and how she finally stepped into her own purpose. Then, You’ll do some spiritual deep diving which will build your confidence and lay a foundation for later modules on building a business and making money.

Module 2: Release Fear And Clear The Path

  • Fear is what keeps you stuck where you are, stifling your potential and growth. In this module you’ll kick fear to the curb! You’ll go further into the spiritual deep dive, being honest about your fears and discovering how to deal with them so they can’t hold you back anymore.

Module 3: Tap Into Your Greatest Source Of Power

  • Regardless of your spiritual background, you’ll discover how to boldly take “spiritually aligned actions” in your business and your life. You’ll create or clarify your higher power and write your “higher power” statement.

Module 4: How To Hold Space

  • Now you’ll really get down to the nitty gritty by discovering how to lead guided meditations, how to use E.F.T. – Emotional Freedom Technique, and how to use Gabby’s method for energy protection.

Module 5: How To Make Money For Your Great Work

  • In this module you will learn how to run a business, create digital courses, make money with webinars, create multiple revenue streams and finally lay down to rest your money fears once and for all.

Module 6: Soulful Marketing & Manifesting Media For Your Message

  • Discover how to turn your message into a movement, create a business from your blog and grow your fan base. This module will help you get the word out about your business and scale it to new heights!

Module 7: Bring Your Stories To Life As An Author & Public Speaker

  • It’s time to discover YOUR voice as you bring your transformational story to life as an author and public speaker. If you’ve ever been afraid to speak in public, or you didn’t think you could write, this module will change it all! Now YOU can be the one on stage, speaking to hundreds of people and spreading your message!

Module 8: How To Turn Your Vision Into Reality

  • You’ve done great in the program this far, and now it’s time to take what you’ve learned into the real world. You’ll map out a clear plan so you know exactly what to do next, and how to keep going and stay consistent. 

And there’s Gabby’s bonuses too!

If you click the button below and enroll through this page, you’ll get each of my bonuses ( listed above) PLUS all of the bonuses that Gabby offers:

  • Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program. Gabby created this comprehensive program with her team of business pros. It has so many of the nuts and bolts you need when setting up a business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance info and much more. (Value: $1,300)
  • God Is My Publicist digital course. Demystify publicity and marketing with this awesome course for spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, writers, artists, podcasters and anyone who wants to infuse their PR or marketing work in any field with spiritual principles. (Value: $200)
  • 2 live training calls with Gabby! The first call will help you clarify your visions and clear the obstacles holding you back. The second will get you into action! (Value: $2,000)
  • Lifetime access to the SJM community. This community will become an invaluable network. You can return to the private Facebook page long after you’ve taken the course to find support from and connect with like-minded Spirit Junkies. (Value: priceless!)

Jill’s Bonuses + Gabby’s Bonuses = $4550 in Bonuses!